Submission information


The review process assumes a high standard of English at submission (American spelling).

Authors submitting a paper do so on the understanding that the work has not been published before in any language, is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and has been read and approved by all authors.

Previous or parallel publications on the same subject by the author(s) should be stated with the manuscript. This is necessary for 2 reasons: to avoid double publications, and to provide the reviewers with essential information.

Although reviewer selection is ultimately the decision of the Editor, authors are encouraged to provide the names and email addresses of potential reviewers.

All documents with original data of relevance to the submitted manuscript should be stored and be retrievable on request for a minimum of 10 years. Authors are encouraged to include a copy of raw data in electronic form and/or make these data available via the internet.

Acta does not publish studies that only assess completeness, coverage, accuracy, and validity of data in registers. Such studies are considered part of normal register administration, and the results should be presented in the register's annual report.

Acta does not publish studies reporting merely the existence or organization of a new register. Furthermore, to qualify for publication an epidemiologic/register study must include a question assessed by use of the register data, for example : outcome related to different treatments, treatment changes over time, or incidence changes over time.


Submit via online submission at ManuscriptManager. You will be asked to create a user account and follow the step by step instructions, entering the pertinent information. Once you have created a user account, it will be available to you for all future submissions and will remember all the correspondent information that you previously entered. For the article file upload section, the manuscript should be uploaded as a line-numbered file with tables and figures embedded at the end of the manuscript. The pages should be double-spaced and numbered consecutively.

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