Acta Orthopaedica (previously Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica 1930-2004), owned by the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation, is a non-profit electronic, immediate Open Access journal, meaning your work is free for every-one to access online as soon as it’s published (Gold OA).

The articles are presented in PubMed (abstract) with a link to PubMedCentral (full article). Furthermore, the entire Acta production, including the Supplements, since the very start in 1930 is free at or look at "All issues".

Acta Orthopaedicapresents articles, from all parts of the world, of basic research interest, as well as clinical studies in the field of orthopedics and related subdisciplines. Ever since the journal was founded in 1930, by a group of Scandinavian orthopedic surgeons, the journal has been published for an international audience.

Acta articles are printed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the source is credited. This means that Acta has no copyright on your article.


Handling of manuscripts Acta receives about 700 manuscripts (mss) annually; around 20% are accepted for publication.

Rejection of submitted manuscripts occurs at 3 levels: immediately by the Editor (desk rejection without peer-review; (e.g., many case reports, retrospective small case series, meta-analyses comprising few eligible studies, conclusions not supported by findings, subject outside Acta’s scope)), or immediately by a Co-editor with expert knowledge without peer review (desk rejection), or after peer review. After this process around 20% of mss remain and are published (see Figure).

All published mss have been peer-reviewed, commonly by 2 external reviewers and, when appropriate, by our statistical Editor.

Handling times (2020) All desk rejections are within 2 weeks, often within days.

The mean time from submission to rejection (of peer reviewed mss) is 6 weeks.

The mean time from submission to acceptance is 4 months and < 6 months for more than 90% of the mss. Acceptance times strongly depend on the number of revisions necessary (typically 1 or 2) and the time taken by authors to do these revisions.

The time from authors’ approval of proofs until the article is available online (free for all) on the publisher’s (Taylor & Francis) website ( is < 2 weeks, and 1–2 weeks thereafter the article is registered on PubMed.

Open peer review Acta applies a transparent review process: author and referee identities are disclosed to one another. There is an option for reviewers to remain anonymous to the authors; however, this is rarely used.

Article Processing Charge (APC) The standard research article APC is EURO 1,650. For Case Reports the APC is EURO 825. Depending on your location these charges may be subject to local taxes. This APC concerns only accepted and published articles, there are no submission fees or fees for rejected manuscripts.

NOTE: There is no APC for members in the national orthopedic associations who are fully paying members of the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation and who submit manuscripts on research performed in member countries.

NOTE: There is no APC for articles related to COVID-19, irrespective of membership or submitting country.

Editorial Office

Editor Anders Rydholm Lund, Sweden
Deputy Editor Peter A Frandsen Odense, Denmark
Co-editors Li Felländer-Tsai, Stockholm, Sweden
Nils Hailer Uppsala, Sweden
Ivan Hvid Oslo, Norway
Urban Rydholm Lund, Sweden
Bart A Swierstra Wageningen, The Netherlands
Magnus Tägil Lund, Sweden
Eivind Witsø Trondheim, Norway
Rolf Önnerfält Lund, Sweden
Statistical Editors Jonas Ranstam Lund, Sweden
Philippe Wagner Västerås, Sweden
Production Manager Kaj Knutson Lund, Sweden

The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board of the Nordic Orthopaedic Federation and Acta Orthopaedica Peter Frandsen, Denmark
Ragnar Jonsson, Iceland
Heikki Kröger, Finland
Anders Rydholm, Sweden
Kees Verheyen, The Netherlands


Editorial Office Department of Orthopedics
Lund University Hospital
SE-221 85 Lund, Sweden


Acta Orthopaedica is published by Taylor & Francis.

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